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We never compromise on the pillars of our service

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Frequent Asked Questions

A domain name is nothing more than your website’s name or address. It’s how customers find and contact you online. Think of it like a contact on your phone. Each phone number you add is assigned a name so that it’s easier to remember.
Choosing a domain name is important for your website because it represents your brand or business online. We recommend choosing a short domain with relevant keywords so visitors can easily access your website. While your domain can include letters, numbers or hyphens, you’ll want to avoid any special characters so it’s easy to remember and type into a web browser.
Since there are so many domain name options to choose from, the first thing you want to check is that your chosen domain name is still available. To begin, you will enter the domain name in the search box and then click “Search” for your results. When the search is complete, if your domain name is available, you’ll be directed to a page where you can review and purchase it.
This is the process of reserving your chosen domain name, making sure no-one else can use it for the period it’s registered for.
You can’t permanently buy your domain name. You instead lease the name for as long as you like, via a hosting service like Verpex.
Years of experience have allowed us to keep costs down, passing the savings on to you. This is what makes us one of the cheapest hosts.
Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it for optimal support. You’ve got two options to choose from. You can transfer your domain registration to us or you can update your DNS to have the domain point to us. It’s really quite simple. Don’t forget to ensure your domain name is unlocked and that you have obtained an authorization code from your current registrar. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.