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DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are a primary concern in Internet security today. Explore details about how DDoS attacks function, and how they can be stopped.

Global DDoS Protection

A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is an attack against the server which uses a wide range of IP addresses to bombard the server with traffic. We have customized internal tools which mitigate these attacks automatically and they largely go unnoticed by customers.
Sometimes; however, when these attacks become big enough it can cause websites on the server to become slow or unresponsive for short periods of time. In these cases, there are steps that must be taken manually to stop the attack and get our servers running at full speed again.
DDoS attacks are not something iStartHosting can warn customers about beforehand. When they occur please be assured that our team is doing everything possible to restore service as quickly as possible. There are many types of DDoS attacks; however, with each possible attack the best plan for our customers is to hold tight and we will restore the same level of service as quickly as possible.

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